Different Applications for South Jersey Decorative Window Films

Our South Jersey decorative window films come in a variety of styles, designs and colors that are selected for your specific project. We can apply film to any glass surface including bathrooms, mirrors, windows, doors, office dividing walls, conference rooms, retail windows, skylights and more.  Decorative films can be for indoor/outdoor privacy or purely aesthetic. Our installers will work with precision detail to apply the decorative film to any of your glass surfaces.

See our gallery below for some examples of the variety of decorative films we can offer your home or office.

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Office Buildings

  • Fixed interoffice privacy windows
  • Movable inter-office privacy panels
  • Conference room glass walls
  • Conference room screens
  • Entrance & waiting room panels
  • Office entrance door and side light glazing
  • Transom Glass
  • Door security/privacy glazing
  • Outside vision/privacy control windows
  • Skywalk window glazing
  • Skylights & sloped glazing
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, and office windows
  • Main entrance doors & windows


  • Entrance side lights
  • Decorative privacy glazing
  • Dining room, coffee table & glass counter tops
  • Backsplash, wall units, cabinet windows
  • Closet door glass
  • Lighting control & diffusers
  • Bedroom, bathroom, powder room windows & shower doors
  • Kitchen & laundry windows
  • Office, library & dining room partitions & windows
  • French doors

Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs

  • Internal entrance doors & security glazing
  • Lobby partitions & privacy panels
  • Bar/restaurant dividing panels
  • Dining areas privacy panels & partitions
  • Bar counter and table tops
  • Wall panels
  • Light displays in night clubs & discos
  • Main entrance doors & windows
  • Skylights & slope glazing
  • Solar control windows & shading

Hospitals, Clinics & Pharmacies

  • Visiting room windows in maternity wards
  • Privacy windows & doors in examination, surgery rooms & ICUs
  • Privacy windows & glazing in emergency wards
  • Patient rooms privacy partitions
  • Hospital main entrance information areas
  • Hospitals ICU & surgery ward information areas
  • Cabinet windows in pharmacies & surgery rooms
  • Main entrance doors & windows
  • Patient room windows

Retail Stores

  • Main and internal entrance of retail stores
  • Decorative jewelry counter, cases & display boxes
  • Privacy partitions, panels & windows
  • Dressing/fitting rooms
  • Flower shops, skylights & sloped glazing


  • Security control entrance panels & windows
  • Safety deposit box area partitions
  • Customer counter windows
  • ATM privacy panels
  • Drive thru window glass
  • Inter office partitions
  • Outside light control window
  • Outside vision/privacy control window
  • Skylight glazing
  • Main entrance security area windows


Public Places

  • Post office customer counter windows
  • Privacy windows at airports, stations, theaters, museums, music venues
  • Privacy glazing in government offices
  • Police station security film windows & panels
  • Waiting and private room doors, windows & partitions
  • Prison security windows, cell doors, search rooms

Office Equipment & Furniture

  • Supply room windows
  • Desk and countertop glass
  • Privacy light partitions
  • Office lighting diffusers
  • Office cabinet glass doors and shelves

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