safety-filmTurn Ordinary Glass into Security Glass
We now have a simple way to enhance your home or office building by adding security, energy efficiency, UV protection and even deterring graffiti vandals. All with our invisible safety laminate film.

Safety Laminate Film is a clear or tinted laminate made from a heavy duty polyester compound.  When applied to glass, it has many benefits:

  • Makes it more difficult for an intruder to gain entry, as glass becomes virtually unbreakable.
  • When attempted to be broken with trauma, the glass maintains its integrity, preventing dangerous shards from flying in our out.        

Our customers are realizing the need for Safety Laminate Film on their retail stores, office complexes, windows and sliding glass doors in their homes. They are protecting themselves from:

  • Smash and Grab Burglaries
  • Thieves to steal belongings and medication from your home
  • Keeping students and teachers secure in schools
  • Winds, storms, hurricanes, bomb blasts

Feel secure in your home or office day or night, with our invisible safety laminate film protecting your glass. 

Easy Installation and Durability 
Installation of our safety laminate film is easy and pain free for the home or business owner.  We install the film on the inside of your windows or glass doors to protect from intrusion, breakage or burglaries. Maintenance is simple too:  laminated windows can be easily cleaned using conventional washing methods. Our safety laminate film also includes up to a 15 year warranty against cracking, bubbling, hazing and demetalizing.



Our safety laminate films are easily installed on the interior of the glass and provide an invisible layer of protection. Layers of strong, clear heavy duty polyester compound are bonded together with a unique adhesive to form a shield that holds glass in place. Yet for all their strength and durability, our safety laminate films have outstanding optical clarity. The safety film will also block much of the sun’s harmful UV rays protecting health and reducing fading inside homes and offices.

Blast Mitigation – Smash & Grab Burglary
Devastating destruction disrupts the world daily. Acts of burglary, vandalism, civil unrest and terrorism incur a staggering toll on both lives and property. If you are responsible for the safety and integrity of a building, you know its weakest point: GLASS.  We can protect your home or office with our invisible safety laminate film installed to your existing glass.

Bomb Blasts / Terrorism / Civil Unrest
In a bomb blast, when your building structure is compromised, much of the damage is done by flying glass and windborne debris. Occupants are mostly injured by broken panes and shattered glass. Furnishings, carpeting and computers are frequently ruined to the point of total replacement.  But you can be prepared with our invisible safety laminate film for your glass. The GSA (Contract# GS-07F-0019M) has established a comprehensive ranking system for determining the hazard potential from flying glass in an enclosed environment. A day-light application of SafetyShield 700 or 800 film significantly reduce the hazard level and increased the protective level of glass in bomb blast testing.

All It Takes Is A Simple Layer Of Protection
Elevators. Display areas. Retail storefronts. Virtually any high-traffic area with windows or glass surfaces is vulnerable to costly vandalism. In the case of glass doors and windows, there’s the additional threat of “smash-and-grab” thieves, who rely on fast access through your facility’s broken glass to get their job done. Now you can help foil destructive efforts, with our invisible safety laminate and security film.  solution is simple: It’s a heavy-duty polyester film that’s simply applied to the interior of new or existing glass…with powerful results.

Outwit Vandals
SJ Window Tinting offers your windows and retail storefronts a simple and inconspicuous defense against vandals: a protective film that helps prevent the defacing of your base surface.  The film is so inconspicuous, the vandals won’t even realize its there. If they do leave their mark, the film can be peeled off and replaced easily, eliminating the graffiti and the need for costly glass replacement.

Easy To Install And Maintain
Our invisible safety laminate film is installed on everything from showcase windows and jewelry display cases to mirrors, subway doors,  elevator and building interiors. The film is also easy to maintain using conventional window cleaning methods.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality
Our SafetyShield laminate films strength and protection is virtually invisible and allows excellent optical clarity without shadowing or yellowing your facility’s glass.